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Capacity building and Training, Human Resource development, Corporate Governance, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation.


To be recognized in the world floriculture markets as a major competitor distinguished by reputation for quality, service and integrity.


To promote and support development of Uganda’s floriculture industry by working with and through members and stakeholders to ensure product and service quality, protect the environment, and upgrade the quality of life for industry participants and their communities.


We stand together for Accountability, Compliance and Transparency as we strive for the best for all members.

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

Our Dedication to performance, Results and Timely Delivery

Business Growth

Build stronger collaborations through dialogue with government and her Agencies, private sector associations and other partners (donors) for business enabling environment, linkages with international organizations.

Business Sustainability

Follow up floricultural research programme on diversification of flower varieties, responsible use of natural resources, strengthen compliance to national and international standards.


Lobbying Government (MAAIF, MTIC, MoGLSD, MoFPED) and her Agencies-URA, UFZA, UNBS,UEPB, UMEME, NSSF, NARO; donors, international bodies and private sector associations (PSFU,UMA,FUE) for sector support.

Association Governance

The Governing body of the association is the Board of Directors whose office bearers are elected from fully paid up members at the Annual General Meeting for a term of 3 years renewable once. The chairperson is the head of the association. The association is headed by the Executive Director.

Capacity Building

Building UFEA and members capacities to meet market competitiveness through donor funded and fee-based training programme.


We are available to provide necessary support, listen and advise our members.